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10 Vastu Tips to Clean Your Home of Negative Energy


Each man and woman are made of electricity, and the universe is powered by electricity, claims Vastu. The term “cosmic energy” refers to this energy. This energy becomes unbalanced due to Vastu Dosha or improper Vastu. This unbalanced energy has a detrimental effect on our lives and causes several issues in areas such as health, wealth, career, business, marriage, education, relationships, and others. is one of the reputed house construction company located in Bangalore. We also provide services in Vastu consulting. If you are looking for Vastu related solutions for your home, do reach us and speak to our experts. Moreover, if you want to know about the house construction cost in Bangalore and are confused about whom to approach, then don’t worry. You can call us and talk to our experts with regard to house construction cost in Bangalore.

According to experts in vaastu, this energy can be balanced if it has been blocked by the wrong direction. Vastu principles can be used to balance and correct the cosmic energy. By adopting the best direction, the proper structure, and active chakras, this free flow of energy can be facilitated. These Vastu recommendations are based on a person’s birthdate. We offer relevant Vastu-related solutions for your home and family as a house construction firm.

Below discussed are 10 vastu tips to get rid of negative energy from your home.

  1. Vastu says that use of salt will remove all forms of negative energy from home. Mop the floor with the salt water on a regular basis. Keep a bowl of sea salt in the dark corners of the house especially in the toilet areas. Change it in 48 hours. Salt is a natural absorber and dryer. It absorbs all the negative energy.
  2. Do not keep or store unused furniture and fixtures in the home. It hinders the free flow of energy and increases negative energy.
  3. Keep your home neat and tidy. Remove all the clutter. Place the furniture in such a way that there is enough space to move around in the home. It allows positive energy to flow in the house.
  4. Vastu says that adding some greenery in the home will invite positivity. Place plants around your home. Some plants have antibacterial and antiseptic properties that beautify the home and help in the flow of positive energy.
  5. Try to rearrange the position of the furniture in the home if you find blockage in the energy. This will help ease the flow of positive energy in the house.
  6. To ward off all the Vastu defects from the house, always follow your favourite direction while building homes, doors, placing furniture, and so on.
  7. Keep the main door tidy and clutter free. Your main door is the inlet of energy. So make sure your main door allows positive energy to enter. The main door should not have any obstacles like trees, electric poles, transformers or a gate.
  8. On a regular basis make sure to clean and mop the floor. Dust all the items and remove any cobwebs if any. A home that is cluttered and kept untidy blocks the flow of positive energy and brings misery in one’s life.
  9. Mirrors make the home look spacious and well lit. Place them as per the principles of Vastu. Do not keep or hang any mirrors that are broken or damaged as they bring negative energy.
  10. Do not keep or hang any paintings and showpieces that denote sorrow. Avoid keeping postures like hunting animals, vultures, pigs, or a sinking boat. Use paintings and showpieces that represent positivity. Using good fragrances and playing good music paves way in the flow of positive energy into the home.


These Vastu tips to clean your home of negative energy are very simple and easy-to-apply. You can follow these tips and other unique Vastu tips and make your home Vastu compliant. You can also talk to our experts with regard to the house construction cost in Bangalore.

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