An Insight into The Features and The Functions of The Accessibe WordPress Plugin


WordPress accessibility does not have to be a problem anymore. Thanks to the advent of accessibility plugins for WordPress sites, you can choose one that suits your needs without hassles to ensure your site is compliant all the time. However, you must note that all accessibility plugins are not the same. All of them have been created with a single goal in mind- to take care of your accessibility needs. However, when it comes to their features and functions, they differ. Before you invest and install the accessibility plugin for your WordPress site, you need to fully understand its features and functions to get the best results.

Why is The Accessibe WordPress Plugin unique?

There are generic and artificial intelligence-powered accessibility plugins for WordPress. Obviously, those with artificial intelligence are better than their generic counterparts, which are limited in functions and features. The accessibe wordpress plugin is one such AI-powered tool that small and large business owners trust across the world for their sites.

This plugin can be easily installed and scans your site every 24 hours for updates. Even if you upload new content, themes, or plugins, the daily scan will check the site and make the adjustments in under 48 hours. This means your site is fully compliant, and you can keep lawsuits at bay.

How does this tool function?

There is a session-based foreground application, which changes the design of the user interface. They include changes that are done to the color, contrast, stop animations, and more. The adjustment profiles help users with disabilities make the changes to your site as per their preferences. This means that if a user chooses the profile for cognitive disorders, adjustments will be made to the highlights, titles, animations, and more.

The background application of this plugin is powered by machine learning. The artificial intelligence of the tool deals with adjustments to the screen reader, keyboard navigation, and more.

While analyzing the site, the AI technology will learn from the context about the elements of the website and their goals for the page. It uses encounters made in the past to visually match behaviors and parts. Its AI technology will scan images on the site to add accurate and alternative tests that are descriptive to the images without its alt tags. It is significant because screen readers that visually impaired users rely on the use of alt texts for communicating to the user the description of the image. This is done with the help of OCR.

Last but not least, the accessibe wordpress plugin ensures that the compliance of your site is maintained via daily analysis and scans. It ensures that your site is kept compliant even when you publish new web pages, change themes or install new plugins.

The tool is highly cost effective, and it helps businesses save a lot of money than manual processes that were used in the past for web accessibility issues and compliance.

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