Social Intranets are Revolutionising

How Social Intranets are Revolutionising Employee Onboarding and Training?


Employee onboarding and employee training is the most crucial part of the organisation, as an ideal employee can only help in the success of the organisation. HR has to deal with many candidates in a single day, so the need of an effective onboarding procedure is urgently needed so that employees who apply to your organisation have a great experience of hiring.

The use of new and smart platforms like a social intranet makes employees attracted towards the company and helps in employee retention rate.

There are numerous benefits of the employee onboarding process. Some of them are increased employee engagement, building strong relationships with new employees, enhanced productivity, and so on.

But many organisations don’t pay any attention to their onboarding process at all, which impacts their identity and market value. Most of the HRs are very unsatisfied with their ongoing onboarding and training procedures. It is the essential part yet underrated due to several reasons.

With the rising demand for a smarter social intranet software, employees also want to get promoted and appreciated faster in their jobs, which is becoming time-consuming. As an HR person, if you feel that your organisation is also facing poor productivity and higher turnover rates, it is time to make space for the social intranet in your business.

In this blog, you are going to know the benefits that an intranet provides to your business by improving your employee onboarding process.

Why Social Intranet Software and Employee Training Are Important?

The intranet helps to engage your employees and improves the training process by automating most of the work. HR managers are seeking good HRMS software in India that provides a good intranet for streamlining their process of training employees. It helps to make their burden less and make the work aligned. The benefits incorporated with focussed training sessions are long termed, and there is no space for error left in any way.

But for all this to happen smoothly, you need innovative HRMS software by uKnowva. by using this tool; you don’t have to worry at all. This system automates most of your HR work and offers you various benefits of intranet in your organisation. You can expect the below-stated five benefits when you opt for an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and highly interactive social intranet.

5 Ways In Which Social Intranets Are Revolutionising Employee Onboarding & Training

  1. Automate the onboarding process

Consistency in the onboarding process comes when you automate the entire process. It is needed for the new employee that joins the organisation. Automation helps in speeding the process and makes it better, eliminating the repetitive amount of manual work during the onboarding process so that new employees can start their work as soon as they join the company. With this, employees get the benefit of getting information at the right time. It also standardises the process and helps to understand employees better by knowing their needs and thus keeping them engaged in the work they desire.

  1. Provide a proper orientation

Orientation during onboarding plays an important role, and both terms are different and hold different meanings. All the administrative tasks like paperwork, document filling, etc., all get covered under the onboarding process. While orientation includes the following:

  • An introduction session to company tools and technology, like a desktop, email address, etc.
  • A brief overview of the goals and missions that the company desires
  • A description of the company culture and expectations.

A social intranet can be a well-designed software for your remote workers when integrated with HRM. It will help employees to connect with one another daily, despite their joining dates. Once the user is able to log in, they know who is winning what appreciation in the team and whose work anniversary is around the corner. Those are just a few things new hires can know to get better acquainted with the team’s and company’s culture.

  1. More engagement in the Work

Employee engagement is much needed when you want to take your organisation to the next level. When employees connect on an interactive platform like a social intranet, it helps to make employees less stressed as everything is available to them in a snap. This includes knowing the status of work of their own and their teammates, knowing who is on leave today, getting updates on the latest work events, and wishing colleagues on special events like birthdays and promotions. So, eventually, when the onboarding process becomes better, it increases employee engagement.

  1. Make communication better

Intranet helps to make communication easier during the onboarding and training process of employees. It helps to build and sustain a positive work atmosphere. It is a smart tool that efficiently works in all the departments of your organisation.

When employees are working remotely, they need an intranet to make communication easy between employees. It is an essential tool from hire to retire to define the employee engagement score and improve training and onboarding experiences without worrying about it much.

HR teams will be benefitted as with the communication tool; they can inform employees about news, new policies, holidays, and many such events without personally calling them in the first place.

  1. Centralised resources

Centralising resources helps to cut down search time while searching for information which will end up consuming more time. When all the data is available on a single point, it reduces stress and increases engagement. For new employees, this strategy will be much more beneficial as they get all the company-related news, updates, announcements, holidays, calendars, training material, and many more by not wasting the time of HR. It helps to make the new employees a part of the company by familiarising them with the company’s mission and vision.


In the current market situation, there are many social intranets providers that help you to reframe your employee onboarding and training process. It is required to choose the HRMS software in India carefully to transform your hiring process. uKnowva offers the best social intranet services that not only help to transform your workplace but also enhance your employee engagement, retention, collaboration, and productivity.

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