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How to Manage Data Usage on Postpaid Family Plans


If you have a postpaid mobile data plan, then it is quite possible that you often worry about your mobile data usage. Yes, you do get a lumpsum of mobile data per month, but our data usage can end up being too high, too often. As a result, you might start wondering, ‘how can I set data limit on Airtel family plan.’

The good news is – you need not worry anymore. The primary reason here is that there are plenty of methods in which you can manage the mobile data in your postpaid plans. What are these methods? That is exactly what we are here to discuss.

How can I set data limit on Airtel family plan?

Setting a data limit on your Airtel family plan is an extremely easy method. However, for this method, you won’t need any assistance from Airtel. Instead, you can simply get on your smartphone and enable the data limit. Here is how to do it:

How to set data limit on Android phone:

Follow these steps to set up a data limit on your Android smartphone:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap on Network & internet and go to
  3. You will see your telecom operator’s name here. You’ll find a wheel symbol there. Click on it.
  4. Go to Data warning & limit.
  5. Click on Data warning.
  6. Enter the data limit that you wish to set up.
  7. Click on Set.

Voila! You have successfully set up a data limit on your smartphone. Whenever your monthly data usage reaches this limit, you will get a notification on your device, reminding you about the same.

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How to limit data usage on iPhone?

Well, technically, iOS does not have a data limit option in it (yet). However, you can still switch on the low data mode on your iPhone in order to manage your data better.

Additional ways to save mobile data on Airtel postpaid family plans

There are a couple of additional ways in which you can limit the data usage on your smartphone. Follow these:

  1. You can download the Airtel Thanks app and keep a check on how much data you are using. The saved mobile data will get rolled over to the next month.
  2. Turn on mobile data saver on your Android smartphone.
  3. Use Wi-Fi or a broadband connection whenever you can.

How does family plan work for Airtel postpaid?

In case of the family plan from Airtel postpaid, you will get one single SIM that you can use for yourself, and one (or more) additional SIM that is meant for another person in your family. Now, while both the SIM cards are clubbed under the same plan, you still get additional data benefits for both.

For example, let us say you buy a postpaid family plan that offers 100 GB of mobile data for the entire month. Now, this data will remain completely yours. In addition to that, the add-on connection will also receive additional data. As a result, choosing the Airtel postpaid family plans could end up being a very good decision for you.

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What are the Airtel postpaid family plans?

Here are the Airtel postpaid plans that will provide you with plenty of data benefits (for you and for the add-on connection):

Airtel Postpaid Family Plans
Rental Rs. 599 Rs. 999 Rs. 1199 Rs. 1499
No. of connections 2 4 4 5
Price per connection Rs. 300 Rs. 250 Rs. 300 Rs. 300
Calling Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMS 100/day 100/day 100/day 100/day
Data 105 GB 190 GB 240 GB 320 GB
(75 + 1*30) (100 + 3*30) (150 + 3*30) (200 + 4*30)
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • XstreamMobile Pack
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • XstreamMobile Pack
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • Netflix Basic, Xstream Mobile Pack
  • Amazon Prime for 6 months
  • Disney+Hotstar for 1 year
  • Netflix Standard
  • Xstream Mobile Pack
  Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Thus, there are plenty of Airtel family postpaid plans for you to choose from. Choose the one plan that meets all your needs and budget and complete your recharge right away!Or, if you like these plans and would like to port your number to Airtel, then we can make that happen for you too! Choose Airtel and get the maximum benefits.

Finally, we hope these methods will help you manage your mobile data on postpaid family plans. Manage your mobile data better and make the most of it!

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