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How to Save Energy Using Smart Devices


Finding energy efficient means of living can be slightly expensive. People tend to invest in solar panels to cut back on their electric bills and lean towards a greener lifestyle, but such an investment isn’t for everyone. It’s expensive, and some regions especially colder ones don’t tend to get enough sunlight to make use of solar panels.

So what do you do? You try your best to be mindful of the electricity and the water you consume. But of course creating a habit of ‘being mindful’ isn’t exactly a long term solution. Instead maybe consider using smart devices to help with energy conservation – and along with that you would also reap the benefits of home automation. It’s a win-win!

Now what devices can you purchase that would help with the cause? We’ve listed down a few devices that have proven results of energy conservation. Have a read.

Smart Devices Great for Energy Saving

1.Smart Plugs

One of the simplest of smart devices is a smart plug. It turns any device that you plug into it, into a temporary smart device. So how does it help with energy conservation? Well, smart plugs feature their own mobile applications that allow for you to control the plug itself. Switch it on or off even when you’re not home, and you can even set schedules for the plug to follow through so that unnecessary electricity is not used. That is essentially how it contributes to energy saving.

One of the best in the market is the Wemo Smart Plug series. When it comes down to WeMo smart plug vs WeMo mini, they are both equally as good as they are functionally the same, only that the new Wemo Smart Plug is smaller in size and cheaper in price.

2. Smart Thermostats

Commonly used now, smart thermostats are a sure way of cutting down on the energy wastage and simultaneously witnessing a reduction in your monthly heating and cooling bills. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat for one has been known to reduce 10% to 12% on heating bills, and around 15% on cooling bills by independent studies.

Smart Thermostats can be controlled via their designated mobile app, through voice enabled controlled synced to voice assistants, and are also compatible with certain Hubs. All of this essentially means wireless and remote control of the thermostat, rather than having to manually adjust temperatures from the device itself. You could be turning into your street and you just have to pick up your phone and turn on the heating system – small acts of making more effective use and minimizing energy wastage.

Some smart thermostats feature the technology to turn themselves down while it detects zero movement around the home, or switch to an eco-friendly temperature depending on your settings. Some are even equipped with quite literally learning your preferred temperature settings and adjusting themselves automatically.

3. Water Leak Detectors

Every home should definitely have a water leak detector installed. Water leakage is the number one cause of fresh water wastage, and that really high water bill of yours too. A good quality water leak detector may be expensive, like the Phyn Smart Water Assistant, but a device like this can help a lot. It detects pretty much every kind of leak: pinhole leaks, toilet flapper leaks, supply line leaks, drip leaks, catastrophic bursts of course, and even detects unusual usage or when the water has been left on.

4. Smart Lights

Smart lights too just like smart thermostats are a common find in homes these days. They may not necessarily be used for the intended purpose, more so for setting the vibe of the room, but if used for energy saving purposes, smart lights can go a long way.

These bulbs are usually LED which means they anyway consume less energy than an ordinary bulb does. Placing them in rooms which are commonly occupied on the daily, or switching them out in places where we tend to keep the lights on, like the front porch, the lamp by the living room window – you can cut back on your electrical bill in this way too. Smart Lights are voice control compatible as well as they feature their own mobile apps wherein you can switch them on or off as you please, set a schedule for individual or collective light bulbs to follow, and even adjust the brightness level according to your preference.

Smart devices like the ones mentioned above are pretty easy to find now in markets around you. If not you can always purchase them online at FirstEnergy Home’s website, where there is a plethora of smart home devices under their Smart Home catalogue, and at great prices! Think of how with an investment of a few hundred dollars you can live the energy efficient lifestyle with smart devices that deliver results in the short term and carry on into the long term.

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