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An incredible product for Amazon sellers, Helium 10, provides the entire toolkit. It is important to look for helium 10 reviews for more information. There are many tools available to you after you start using Helium 10, some of which are described below:

  • Analyses of sales
  • Amazon’s Choice of Niche
  • Monitoring the Amazon Index
  • Tools for Keyword Research, Fraud Prevention, and Competitor Analysis
  • Tools for Amazon PPC Management
  • Listing Enhancement
  • Locating Successful Products To Sell Through Email Automation
  • Inventory Control Refund Administration

Features of Helium 10 Described

Product Research Tools

1. Black Box

The product research tool used by Helium 10 is called the Black Box tool. Direct access to this tool is available via Helium 10’s dashboard. You can utilize its numerous sophisticated filters to isolate the top products from among thousands of available options. This tool’s user interface is incredibly simple to use. To select the best items for you, you can use parameters like review rating, monthly revenue, review count, price, and others.

2. Trendster

One of Helium 10’s coolest features is this. You can use this tool to find hot things to sell. To utilize this feature, you must have the Chrome extension. You must locate the ASIN of the product to input in order to use it. Four ASINs can be added at once. Four additional keywords are also permitted. When you’re finished, simply select “Start Trendster” from the menu.

3. My List

You can add future product ideas to my list. You can view many data metrics after adding products, including monthly sales, sellers, price, and monthly revenue. You can save as many goods or keywords as you like in the “my list” function. The list will also be available for download in CSV format.

Tool for Keyword Research

You may quickly conduct keyword research for Walmart and Amazon with the aid of the application. It provides a variety of features for keyword research, including the following:

1. Cerebro

One of Helium 10’s most incredible tools is Cerebro. You can use this tool to conduct research on up to 10 ASINs of products. You can also view the listings of rival companies using this service. The same approach can be used by you to expand your company.

2. Magnet

You can conduct product research with the magnet tool alone by using words and phrases. To save even more time, use the terms in my list. This tool will also provide you with helpful metrics.

3. Misspellinator

The majority of the time, customers use incorrectly spelled keywords when conducting product searches. With the aid of this program, you can extract those miss-pelt terms and use them to provide the customer with the desired outcome.

To find the miss pelt keywords, you must first enter the correct keyword. Enter words into the tool, then press the “prepare” button. When you’re finished, click the find misspelling button, and a list of the original keyword’s other spellings will appear.

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