MilesWeb Review

MilesWeb Review: Know about Reseller Hosting Plans, Pricing and Features


It’s time to get your business on the online platform. Reseller hosting is a great business opportunity, and you can get started with little effort and earn a lot of money.

In today’s environment, having a solid company foundation includes having an internet presence. Since the outbreak, we’ve had to shift to using the internet for communication and obtaining anything we require.

People are building websites to begin their businesses in larger numbers than ever before, and they’re seeking the ideal place to host them: resellers come in handy.

Resellers have become crucial to any internet business’s success. The reseller market grew with the freelance web design industry’s growth. Web designers are always looking for the best-dedicated servers for web hosting to give their clients, and resellers may make a decent income doing so.

These days, reseller web hosting is quite popular. It’s a type of web hosting where the account owner may use his resources to host websites for others, such as clients. The reseller, who buys services from the host and then resells them to consumers, is known as a reseller.

Customers may utilize a certain amount of storage and bandwidth in whatever way they choose with a reseller web hosting service.

When it comes to the best reseller hosting, MilesWeb is the best, with the most cost-effective reseller hosting options.

MilesWeb is a web hosting company based in India that was founded in 2012. They offer shared, VPS, reseller, dedicated, WordPress, and cloud hosting, with other web hosting services. They’re well-known for their reliable web hosting plans and services. MilesWeb has almost 30,000 satisfied clients. MilesWeb also very popular for web hosting Singapore region. Customer service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a 99.95 percent uptime is assured. All reseller hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reseller Hosting Plans and Pricing by MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the few companies providing reseller hosting to Linux and Windows-based applications. MilesWeb also provides cPanel reseller hosting with WHM and cPanel.

Because of their outstanding and fast customer support, MilesWeb is the choice of thousands of clients for their hosting requirements.

MilesWeb has four Linux reseller hosting plans: Beginner, Geek, SMB, and Agency. Each reseller hosting plan has its own set of features, with Beginner being the most basic.

You get a 30% off on all the reseller hosting plans.

The Beginner reseller hosting plan costs Rs. 315/- per month and offers a wide range of services. Above all, you’ll receive a WHM as well as a white-labeled cPanel to aid in the promotion of your web hosting services.

The Geek, SMB, and Agency plan cost Rs. 560 per month, Rs. 1,050 per month, and Rs. 1,540 per month, respectively.

The Windows reseller hosting plans are Neo, Entry, Smart, and Plus.

The Neo plan costs you Rs. 290/mo, the Entry plan costs you Rs. 560/mo, the Smart plan costs you Rs. 900/mo and the Plus plan costs you Rs. 1120/mo.

You save about 60% on Neo and Entry plan and 50% off on Smart and Plus plans.

Note: The rates presented are discounted rates based on a three-year subscription.

The cPanel reseller hosting plans are Micro, Startup, Grow and Expand. The Micro reseller hosting plan starts at Rs. 396/- per month and includes a complete set of services. The Startup plan costs Rs. 704 per month, the Grow plan costs Rs. 1,320 per month and the Expand plan costs Rs. 1,936 per month.

Features Provided with all Reseller Hosting Plan

  • 100% White Labeled Hosting

MilesWeb does not want to be a barrier between you and your clients, thus all resale packages are white-labeled. The entire white label solution keeps your merchant business hidden from your customers, allowing you to sell items under your own label.

  • 100% Solid-State Drive 

If you want to get things done quickly, SSD storage is all you’ll need. MilesWeb operates all of its websites on SSD servers for better speed.

  • Free Migration

If you move to MilesWeb, they will migrate all of your website data from your existing service provider to their server at no cost to you.

There is every effort made to ensure that no data is lost throughout the transfer process. You can resume your work where you left off when you last took a break. During the transit, MilesWeb ensures that your website remains operational.

  • Datacenter Selection

For your reseller business, you have the option of selecting a data center location. MilesWeb’s servers are spread throughout the globe, essentially covering the entire globe. This makes it simple for you to select the data center of your choosing.

  • Malware Detection and Removal

MilesWeb is responsible for keeping your website safe from viruses. Websites are checked on a regular basis to prevent malware from accessing the system, and any dangers found are addressed by the support team.

  • Unlimited Website Hosting

cPanel accounts can be created with every Linux reseller hosting plan. A single cPanel account may host numerous domains. An unlimited number of sub- and add-on domains can be added to a single account in cPanel.

To sum it up:

When choosing a reseller service, consider what it has to offer in terms of the scope of your reseller business and the number of websites you want the web hosting provider to manage for you. You now know why MilesWeb is one of the finest alternatives for you, as earlier said!

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