Smart Gadgets You Need in Your Home

Smart Gadgets You Need in Your Home This Year


As we move further into a digital age, our homes are becoming more and more technologically advanced. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top smart gadgets you need in your home this year.

Nanoleaf Lines:

A great piece of decoration to add to your home, the Nanoleaf Lines starter kit is a modern and sophisticated way to add a unique piece of lighting décor to your home. The product is comprised of individual modular light solar’s, which you can then rearrange and add as many as you like in order to make whatever shape or pattern you light. There are actually over 16 million colour variations, so there is plenty of choice. The colour changing panels can also sync to music or TV sounds, which can add dramatic effect to a film, or, create a great ambiance for a party.

SwitchBot Smart Curtain Robot:

As our lives begin to involve more and more technology, even the most mundane have been digitally altered to ensure that technology works in our favour. The SwitchBot curtain remote is a really cool gadget- that makes the simple task of opening your curtains that little bit easier. Wireless, compact and convenient, this home accessory is great if you forget to close your curtains, or if you’re in bed and feel too lazy to get up and close them yourself. By simply clipping it onto your curtain rod, the device can pair with your smartphone to be used easily.

Smart Kitchen Faucets:

Just when you thought technology had dominated all aspects of our home, the smart faucet is the latest gadget that you need in your home. It’s a crazy concept to imagine that one day, we would be able to control our kitchen sinks with our voice- but low and behold, that day is here! In the same way you pair your Alexa to your phone to play music, the smart kitchen will allow you to use motion sensors that are controlled by your voice to do a variety of instructions, such as dispensing hot water.

Shine Bathroom Assistant:

Cleaning your bathroom is perhaps one of the most tedious household tasks you have to keep on top of. Thankfully, the new gadget called Shine can do it for you. Using electrolysed Water Technology, the Shine Bathroom Assistant disperses bacteria- by filling up you toilet bowl with electrolysed water that auto deoderises your toilet. Additionally, the gadget device detects water leakage.

Smart Mirror:

Smart mirrors are the latest craze that exists in the intersection between homeware design and technology. Running on Android, the mirror uses OS which means you can essentially use the mirror as a smartphone. Whether you want to listen to music, display a YouTube video or get a health reading, the mirror is touch enabled to display like a smartphone while also functioning as a mirror.

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